Story of a Girl

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When Deanna Lambert was thirteen years old, her father caught her in the backseat with her older brother's druggie friend, Tommy.  The story was told over and over again with embellishments and for three years it's been her nametag.  She is the slut who was caught in the backseat.  Reputation ruined.  Game over.

Except Deanna is still living in this town, Pacifica, California, and she's still running into this version of herself.  Living in a stifling home with a father who is selling auto parts and a brother who knocked up his girlfriend, Deanna wants a way out.  She gets a job at a local pizza place and on her first day on the job discovers that her new co-worker is Tommy and he hasn't changed.

In this blue collar world Deanna doesn't see many paths out of the mess she's made of her life.  She's busy racking up the mistakes and aching for her father to see her for who she really is.  Will he ever let go of what happened that night?  Will he ever forgive his son for ending up working at Safeway and being a father well before he was ready?

Instead of the white collared world of privilege, Deanna has to find her choices and her best self in a world of people who have made mistakes, who have failed to forgive themselves, and who turn out their pockets to come up with eight dollars so they can get some food at MacDonalds.  Deanna is a teenaged girl who needs to build herself from the inside out.  Friendships, reputations, and family can pull her down or give her the hand up she aches for.

Gritty, greasy and painfilled this is a story of mistakes made and forgiveness required.  

Ages 14 and up  (sex and language)   192 pages  978-0316014540

Recommended by:  Barb,

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