Stormbringers starts off with the continuation of Luca’s quest to travel the realm looking for signs of the end of days. While stopped in an Italian seaside town Johann and his army of children arrive. Johann claims to be leading the children across Europe to the Holy Land because he believes he has had divine orders to do so.

The townspeople readily accept his claims but Luca has been trained to question everything. So when Johann’s prophecies begin to come true he can’t help but question if they have found a miracle.

When a tsunami hits this Italian coastal village in 1453, Johann and his army believe the sea has opened for them to cross just like Moses and leads his army onto the sea floor to cross.

The attraction between Luca and Isolde grows with each passing day but is put on hold as events unfold in the village. Then Isolde and Ishraq are accused as Stormbringers or dark arts practitioners.

This book brings you suspense, the beginnings of forbidden romance, friendships challenged and some medieval history of the clash between Christendom and Islam.  You will know where they are to head to next and why which will leave you with many thoughts on how they will even succeed or survive.


Recommended by: Joleen Waltman, Idaho, USA


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