Orphaned Blackfeet Indian siblings Lionel and Beatrice are on the run, forced to leave their
oppressive boarding school behind after an unfortunate turn of events. With only a stolen horse
and their very basic knowledge of survival skills, the children ride straight into the cold Montana
wilderness to escape the men who are after them. Proud defiant Beatrice can move through the
trees like a silent shadow, protecting her little brother as best as she can as they make the trek to
their grandfather’s settlement. Her bravery doesn’t change the fact that she and Lionel, as Native
Americans and horse thieves, are persons non grata in the 20th century world that they ran from.
Friends and enemies crop up in equal amounts as they make their way.
Seasons change and Lionel’s hair soon grows long enough to braid in the old tradition of his
people. Reunited all-too-briefly with their grandfather, the children are on their own for long
periods, trying to find happiness and fellowship wherever and whenever they can, hooking up
with a pair of fugitives and a pack of runaways. Still, the threat of the school and government
officials coming after them is ever present, particularly as the winter gives way to spring. What
will become of the intrepid siblings as their enemies close in on them? A wonderfully rich story
of tradition and family and history, Starfish will tug at older readers’ heartstrings as it follows
Lionel and Beatrice’s journey.
336 pages. Recommended by Molly Crumbley, Librarian.

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