Sphinx's Queen

Sphinx's Queen

In the sequel to Sphinx’s Princess, young Nefertiti is running for her life from the
Pharaoh-to-be, Thutmose. Once promised to him in marriage, she has since developed more than a friendship for his younger brother Amenophis, and in his outrage, Thutmose has trumped up false charges against her of killing his sacred cat.

A beautiful yet spunky heroine, Nefertiti endures the hardships of her flight through open country as she, her maid, and Amenophis travel on the Nile in a small boat, and, when it is overturned by an irate hippopotamus, continue on land.

Eventually concluding their journey at the palace where Nefertiti can plead her case to the Pharaoh, court intrigue threatens to place her back into the jaws of the danger from which she recently escaped.

Throughout the tale, Nefertiti keeps a firm grip on her sense of justice and compassion. Not just a pretty face, she is unafraid to stand up for her beliefs, and she is good with a bow and arrow as well! 352 pages divided into 16 relatively short chapters keep the reader engaged to the end.
Recommended by Jane Behrens, Librarian.

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