Soup for One


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Running Press 2012
Mathematics Curriculum

Numbers are important! They help us get through the day and in this hilarious tale of adventure and suspense the numbers are essential. A beautiful bowl of tomato soup is ready for eating with its crackers, spoon and napkin doing their part. Then along comes a flying insect...just one. He's about to be followed by a greedy purple fellow with googly eyes and a bright pink tongue all set for something tasty.   Is there room for two?

As the soup bowl fills up with bug after bug, the tension mounts. Why? Well, if you have sharp eyes you'll be able to find the sneaky spider as he hides in first one place and then another awaiting his moment to pounce. Who is going to get this lunch? NIne bugs? Ten bugs? The spider?

Gleeful play and charming bugs aswim in the soup make this a counting adventure that will hold children fascinated.

32 pages          978-0762443543       Ages 3-6 Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,

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