Sisters Grimm, Book 8: The Inside Story

Sisters Grimm, Book 8:  The Inside Story

The mystical Grimms are back and this time they are battling their greatest enemy. When we last left sisters Sabrina and Daphne, they had been transported into the Magical Book of Everafter. This book is the repository for every fairy tale ever told. It serves as a living history of the Everafters, and cannot be altered or destroyed. The Master, aka the Magic Mirror from Snow White, has kidnapped the Grimm girl's little brother and plans to rewrite his story and take the boy's body as a human and escape Ferryport Landing once and for all. Along with Puck, the mischievous fairy prince from William Shakespeare's Midsummer's Nights Dream, the girls are traveling from story to story in an effort to stop their former friend. But there are others who would stand in their way, including the book's caretaker known as The Editor who viciously protects the stories' plot-lines. He and his monstrous pets ensure that every story is played out exactly the way it did the first time... OR else! The Grimms aren't the only ones changing stories: Pinocchio has been stirring up trouble in his attempts to revise his story and become a real boy. Not to mention, the mysterious figure that keeps following them and the ragtag group of storybook characters that want out of their own tales. Time is running out and Sabrina is losing patience with all of the story rules. With guest appearances from characters from many beloved classic tales, including the Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio and Snow White, this eighth book in the series will leave readers on the edge of their seats and eagerly awaiting the ninth, and possibly, final book in the series. 288 pages

Recommended by Jamequa Sumerall, Librarian.

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