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  • Sisters Grimm, Book 7: The Everafter War

Sisters Grimm, Book 7: The Everafter War

Sisters Grimm, Book 7:  The Everafter War

For two years, Sabrina and Daphne Grimm have been on their own following the mysterious disappearance and enchantment of their parents. Now, after long last, Henry and Veronica are awake. But what have they woken up to? War has broken out in Ferryport Landing. Charming and his band of Everafters are waging the good fight against Mayor Heart and her devious group. And all Henry wants to do is take his family and leave... preventing them from any interaction with magic and Everafters again. But before the newly re-united Grimm family can leave, they must first set things right in Ferryport Landing. That includes discovering the identity of the mysterious Master -- the leader of the Scarlet Hand and discovering the truth about a long lost sibling. Things are taking a dark turn and the girls will need all the help they can get if they are to prevent a future where they are at war. Will the betrayal of someone close bring about the dark future they foresaw? Things with their parents aren't as they imagined, either. Henry and Veronica seem to have different views on life with Everafters (Henry wants nothing to do with them and Veronica is a secret hero to New York City's Everafter community)... both think they are doing what is best for their family, but thier constant bickering is different from the lovey dovey pair the girls remember. After so much time on their own, can the girls adjust to life with parents? And then there is Puck... constantly picking on Sabrina and pulling disgusting pranks! Will Puck and Sabrina ever get over their differences? After the incident with the secret weapon, Daphne has been more than distant with Sabrina. The two Grimm girls should be inseparable. Will Daphne ever trust her sister again? In Everafter War, many questions from the previous books are answered, however, a thrilling cliffhanger at the end of the novel leaves the reader wanting more.

Contributed by J.R.S.

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