Captain Amazing is the valiant and all-powerful defender of Metro City. But lately, he's been feeling his age and he's decided that what he needs is a new sidekick. Batman has his Robin and the Green Hornet has his Kato, Captain Amazing has his who? Excited about the possibility of joining the ranks of the super beings, Captain Amazing's pets begin to groom themselves for the competition. Do they have what it takes? Who will win the job?

Will it be Roscoe the dog (better known as Metal Mutt) or Fluffy the Hamster or maybe even Shifty the Chameleon? Where's the cat you ask? Well, it seems Manny ran away from home. But when the villain, Dr. Havoc, wreaks.... well, threatens to wreak... havoc, who will save us all? A graphic novel - in color- with humor and action.

Five out of five stars. Ages 7-10 (Barb)  224 pages

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