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Show Must Go On (Three Ring Rascals, Book 1)


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Algonquin Young Readers (Workman Publishing) September 2013
Character-Building Curriculum

Beware the vully.  Watch out for the plicken.  Hold your nose when the lion gets sick and starts burping and ..... other things.

Welcome to Sir Sydney's Circus where the lion, elephant, Flying Banana Brothers and even the mice come together for excitement moments, free popcorn and taking care of each other.

Sir Sydney really knows how to take care of his animals.  He brushes the lion every night with special Italian brushes.  He flies in fresh peanuts  everyday from his peanut farm in Georgia for Elsa the Elephant.  He even built bunkbeds on top of the circus train car for the Famous Flying Banana Brothers.  All is well.

Well, all was well then but now Sir Sydney has gotten old and tired after years of doing circus shows around the world. He needs some help.  So, he advertises for someone to take care of his beloved animals and to manage his circus.  

Barnabas Brambles, Certified Lion Tamer, applies for the job and Sir Sydney decides to hire Barnabas for one week.  Barnabas can make all the decisions and make all the arrangements and he gets all of the profit from the shows.

Turns out Barnabas is a man with a plan and that plan is to make money.  Instead of one show a day in four cities, he schedules three shows a day in seven cities.  Instead of brushing the lion, he makes plans to unload the lion.

Every circus should be so lucky as to have a pair of vermin, otherwise known as valiant mice, like Bert and Gert.  Every circus should be so lucky as to have a crow as wise as Old Coal.  Every circus should be lucky enough to be discovered by Kate and Sarah Klise with their love of puns and obvious thorough enjoyment of creating new words and gleeful descent into bathroom humor.  

This is a three ring circus of a story with a wonderful message about thinking of others and doing things for the right reason.  Who knew becoming a better man could be so funny?

978-1616204068    Ages  6-9   141

Recommended by:  Barb

Read alikes:  Mrs. Pigglewiggle

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