Grace remembers a certain episode in her life when she was little in Mercy Falls, Minnesota. Surrounded by wolves and blood…and the beautiful yellow eyes of her wolf.

But Grace’s world isn’t perfect. Grace would do anything to save her wolf…even if that means putting herself in danger. And when that happens, her wolf saves her and shows himself as Sam, a dangerous secret revealed.
Teens are in the midst of reading and gobbling up any book that deals with vampires and werewolves, and Maggie Stiefvater’s new book will be a welcome edition to their reading repertoire. Submitted by Naomi Bates Full review on her blog:

Editor's Note: sequel is Linger

In a fresh coming-of-age, girl meets wolf love story, Grace watches a wolf pack from the swing in her back yard each winter. She is fascinated by a yellow-eyed wolf who seems to watch her, too. Grace begins to think of this wolf as her wolf. He disappears every summer, but is back again when the weather turns cold. The attack and murder of a high school classmate brings girl and wolf/boy together, and Grace accepts Sam as a human/wolf, and tries to make him stay "human" to be with her always. To solve this problem, author Stiefvater turns to medical science. Part Twilight, part Beauty and the Beast, Shiver is sure to be the next great teen love story. The movie rights are probably already in the works, and this should make a great teen love story movie. Recommended for YA collections.

Contributed by Pamela Thompson
Library Media Specialist
Col. John O. Ensor Middle School
El Paso, TX

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What started as, perhaps, a New Moon knock-off melted into a great story of a girl and her wolf! I got completely lost in this one- in a good way!! A fun and intense romance novel! The series does take a slowdown in the sequel, Linger, but picks back up in the final novel, Forever, which brings everything to perfect closure!
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