Ship of Dreams

Ship of Dreams

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Harry N. Abrams, August 1994

Is the Sandman real? Joey's friend Henry claims he stayed up one night and for one magical moment he actually saw the Sandman. Now Joey is lying in bed trying to stay awake so he can see the Sandman too. He's trying to think how he could get his wagon, a REdd Rocket, to fly through the air when he nods off only to awaken with a start. Magic. He opens his eyes to find himself in his Redd Rocket climbing up into the sky over the town and. He's up so high a shooting star streaks by and he's running into moons and such. He tumbles and is caught by a net and dragged onto a ship. The man aboard knows his name. It's the Sandman. Each page is illustrated by a magnificent painting that calls the imagination and adds to the dreaminess and wonder of the adventure. I've admired this book for years. 38 pages

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