Shh! We're Writing the Constitution


During the long hot summer of 1787, fifty-five delegates gathered in Philadelphia at what is now Independence Hall with the windows closed to draft what is now our U.S. Constitution.

Sprinkled with humor and the occasional anecdote of gossip, this story brings to life the cast of characters who brought their minds, their values and their perseverance to this place to create a new form of government for the thirteen colonies.  They gathered in the strictest secrecy.

Together they hammered out a document that would guide the country through the issues of slavery, states' rights, representation, electing a leader and chiseled their way through the essential importance of having a centralized government or giving most of the governing powers over to the states.  The word Federalism was a cornerstone to their work.

The facts and the issues are neatly blended with the occasional personal glimpse into the lives of the individual delegates shown through a letter home, a visit to see an Egyptian mummy or a fish story.

Great to see our founding fathers from the ground level instead of always placing them on pedestals so our children can understand what truly courageous and wise human beings they were.

64 pages        978-0698116245      Ages  7-10

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Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,

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