The smallest acts of kindness play the starring role in this gentle story set in burrows and dens and the snowy drifts of a winter storm.  That storm is coming and the squirrel and bunny families are hurrying to store their provisions and "quiet their fears."  As the wind whips up and the snow begins to fall, Fox looks beyond the safety and security of his own den to wonder if others are outside and not so fortunate.  Indeed, two figures appear in the foggy forest searching for shelter, but the fear of strangers holds everyone back.

The Fox, the squirrels and the bunnies give us a chance to see that sometimes we are the ones who are safe and warm with our cupboards full and our fires bright and warm.  Sometimes we are the figures in the fog, appearing as strangers, in search of sanctuary.  It can happen on the first day of school, on the playground, or when war drives people from their own homes and away from all that is familiar.

This is a simply told, beautiful tale of the moments in our lives when we have the opportunity to and perhaps even need to move past our fears, get a little closer to what is unfamiliar and open our hearts as we may one day need someone else to open unto us.

42 pages   978-1771389273     Ages  5-9


As a big storm approaches, two strangers arrive in the forest. All the animal families, safe in their homes, are worried. They wonder, ?What are they doing there? What do they want?  So, as the pair knocks at the door of one home after another asking for shelter, all the animals turn them away, leaving them to fend for themselves. But then an accident suddenly forces the fox family out into the snow and the wind, and the foxes find they must ask these outsiders for help. Will they find it in their hearts to give it?

Céline Claire's heartwarming picture book story delivers a timeless and timely message about the importance of kindness and generosity. With simple and evocative language, it explores how even small gestures can make a big difference to the strangers or outsiders in a community. Artist Qin Leng uses a warm, soft palette in her ink and watercolor illustrations creating a charming and inviting visual narrative that is perfect for young children. This book provides a wonderful opportunity for discussions about being welcoming and helping others in need, including how children can put this into practice by reaching out to the "new kid" or the one who seems different.  It also works well for character education lessons on kindness, caring and empathy.--from the publisher

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