When two rabbits want the same carrot, how can they decide who gets it? When two monkeys want the same banana, what are they to do? The answer becomes clear when you turn the die-cut pages to find the answers underneath in this clever concept book from a board book master. This adorable and interactive book is the perfect way for young children to learn the importance of sharing--both the things they crave and the time of others.---from the publisher

“Many of us struggle all our lives with this concept. The brilliant Yusuke Yonezu, master board book creator, shows toddlers (and grownups) how it's done.” —Maria Russo, Editorial Director, mineditionUS

20 pages                              978-1-6626-5000-0                         Ages 2-4

Keywords:  sharing, concepts, Character Building Curriculum, values, humor, rabbits, fun, 2 year old, 3 year old, 4 year old, board book


A perfect sharing book for your toddler — with clever cut outs showing how two friends can be happy enjoying things they want together. ★ A Kirkus Best Book of 2020 ★ An ABC Best Books for Young Readers selection ★ "Sharing is caring, and this small gem of a board book is a delight to share with little listeners.” —Kirkus Reviews, starred review


“It’s mine but you can have some

With you I’d like to share it

‘Cause if I share it with you

You’ll have some too”

-- Raffi, “The Sharing Song” (1976)

“The power to possess is a natural part of a child’s growing awareness. During the second and third years, as the child goes from oneness to separateness, this little person works to establish an identity separate from mother. ‘I do it myself!’ and ‘mine!’ scream the headlines in the toddler tabloid. In fact, ‘mine!’ is one of the earliest words to come out of a toddler’s mouth...

A child gives as he is given to. We have observed that children who received attachment parenting during the first two years are more likely to become sharing children in the years to come, for two reasons. Children who have been on the receiving end of generosity follow the model they’ve been given and become generous persons themselves. Also, a child who feels right is more likely to share. An attachment-parented child is more likely to have a secure self-image. He needs fewer things to validate his self-worth.”

-- from, “11 Ways to Teach Your Child to Share”

“We both want this cheese!

Let’s each have a piece.

We both want this carrot!

Let’s each take half.

We both want this banana!

Let’s split it instead.”

(Get it? Banana...split?)

SHARING is a wonderful die-cut board book filled with bold, colorful images. It features pairs of kitties, little mice, bunnies, baby monkeys, piglets, and bear cubs figuring out that they can turn their frowns upside-down by sharing the species-appropriate foods they each want. The die-cuts are used to first show the food object over which the young pair is grappling. Then, turning the page, we see each with a share of the goodies. The book concludes with a pair of young human siblings fighting over their mother’s hand, and then finding a way to share:

“We both want Mommy!

Now we can all share a hug.”

From being a sibling, to interacting in preschool, to friendships, to being a kind neighbor and a good citizen, sharing is a big part of the deal. SHARING shows how sharing makes for smiles and satisfying experiences for everyone.

Recommended by:  Richie Partington, MLIS, California USA

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