Shadow Thieves, The (Cronus Chronicles, Book One)

Shadow Thieves, The  (Cronus Chronicles, Book One)

Charlotte’s 8th grade year is so ordinary, so boring, so blah. Maybe the kitten who followed her home will liven things up, or her same-age cousin Zee visiting from England, or those creepy pale men in tuxedos who watch them from the woods…

When a mysterious illness begins to take away the personalities of their school friends, Zee tells Charlotte that the same thing happened at his British soccer camp, the same summer that his grandmother died. When it started at his school there, his parents sent him to the US, but perhaps it’s followed him. Young teens lie in bed with no energy and no hope. Doctors are mystified; parents are terrified.

Charlotte and Zee decide to seek a cure for their friends while trying to stay away from the creepy pale men. After talking to their teacher, Mr. Metos, they travel to the Underworld where the god Hades may have an answer. But someone will do anything to stop their quest. Someone will do anything to capture their souls. Someone wants all the souls of all the kids in the all the world, and it’s up to two ordinary young people to do extraordinary things and save them all! This exciting first book in the Cronus Chronicles trilogy is a real page-turner! 424 pages

Recommendedby: Katy Manck, Librarian-at-Large (retired academic/corporate/schoollibrarian), Gilmer, Texas, USA

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