Serpent and the Rose, The (War of the Rose, Book 1)

Serpent and the Rose, The  (War of the Rose, Book 1)

Knights of the Rose weave the Young God’s magic into glass, keeping evil at bay in the land of Lys. Gereint has often watched the Knights and their talent-seekers pass by his mother’s farm, never allowed to be tested by them for magic skill, never knowing who his father was, never able to control the wild magic which bursts out of him as he grows up. But one snowy night, he rescues strangers from a winter storm and leaves with them so that his wild magic doesn’t destroy the farm.

Averil studies mysteries and magic on the holy Isle of the Lady as she prepares to be a duchess some day. Suddenly, her father calls her back to Quitaine, years earlier than they had planned – the duchy and its duke are under attack from hidden magic which slithers through the Knights’ defenses of glass and blade. Averil’s uncle is king of the neighboring lands and seeks power beyond his borders and beyond the Young God’s dominion through forbidden Serpent magic.

As the Knights of the Rose are challenged by those who seek to return the world to the chaos of the Serpent, Averil and Gereint must join together to trace the coils of evil magic while staying clear of its hypnotic spells. How can a noble lady and a lowly stableman save their land and still keep their souls? How can young love defeat an ancient magic of hate? How can they go on, knowing that tradition and law will keep them apart if they succeed? The first book of The War of the Rose trilogy has magic in its pages, but beware the hiss of the Serpent! (304 pages)

Recommended by: Katy Manck, Librarian-at-Large (retired academic/corporate/schoollibrarian), Gilmer, Texas, USA

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