Secret Games of Maximus Todd: Hyper to the Max


"Meet Maximus Todd! He's the kid who can't sit still! Clever Max invents a game to keep his Super Fidgets at bay for the day. Too bad his arch enemy Mandy Beth discovers what he's up to and tries to trip him up! Will Max win at his secret game?

Max finds that while it's not always easy being a kid -- especially if you're a bit different -- there is often humor, kindness and love in the most unexpected places.

Max invents a game to keep the super fidgets at bay for the day. He'll need to rhyme every reply he gives, and with Mandy Beth trying her best to trip him up, it isn't easy! Hyper to the Max uses Dyslexia-friendly Typefaces and formatting. - from the publisher

96 pages       978-1459504196    Ages 6-10

Other titles in the series:  Frantic Friend Countdown; Flu Shot Fidgets; Big Game Jitters

Read alikes:  Here's Hank series by Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver

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