Scary States (of Mind) Horror in Florida

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You know those books that one student finds and checks out and then everybody else gets in line and needs to have that book now? They all start talking about the story and they especially like it if the story is scary? That book becomes COOOOOL!!!!

Scary books---there are so many young readers who can't get enough of them.  So, when you think of Florida does a sunny beach with palm trees come to mind?  That's what a lot of Florida looks like.  But how about that other side of Florida...the dark side?

There's that other Florida you don't hear so much about.  Like the story about the man who fell from a lighthouse and was killed.  How about Gene Roberts who died in 1974 and left behind the doll that people say, "is listening to us."  Is his spirit now living in the doll?

There are four really creepy, scary, eerie, just might be true what do you think, stories in this delightfully spooky book that is perfect for those readers who really, really, really want a scary book.


There is a dark side to the Sunshine State. Beyond the sunny skies is a deeply spooky world. Strange creatures lurk in swamps. Ghosts slink in the shadows. Be careful where you go—especially on a moonlit night. Get ready to read four terrifying tales about Florida’s spookiest spots! This 24-page book features controlled, narrative nonfiction text with age-appropriate vocabulary and simple sentence construction. The colorful design and spooky art will engage and terrify emergent readers.--from the publisher

24 pages                                      978-1642805116                                  Ages 5-9

Keywords:  ghosts, scary, death, skeletons, creepy, 5 year old, 6 year old, 7 year old, 8 year old, part of a series, reluctant reader

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