Scarlet (Lunar Chronicles, Book 2)

Scarlet (Lunar Chronicles, Book 2)

Got to love those female protagonists who live in the future and are brilliantly self-reliant in ways we respect so deeply. They are such satisfying versions of ourselves.

This young woman, Scarlet, is an evolving member of that level of womanhood. The story begins as Scarlet, a pilot, is searching for clues and information that will lead her to her beloved and suspiciously missing grandmother. We are living in a future world of kings and queens and most auspiciously, princes. There is dangerous intrigue occurring across the video links and throughout the land.

A young woman/cyborg named Cinder is shown on video screens repeatedly falling down a staircase at the palace during which she loses her foot....not her glass slipper this time. The kingdom is on high alert and Cinder, who has escaped from her prison cell, has found an ally and fellow rebel in a pilot named Thorne, and is on the run.

Things are definitely unraveling and delightfully so as Scarlet, mid-search, stumbles upon a worthy young man by the name of Wolf. Oh, I knew you'd love that. Yes, he is one of those intelligent, brawny, alpha males who includes sensitivity and vulnerability as part of his magnetism.

Meanwhile Cinder, her partner in crime Thorne and the friend who has been transformed into the heart and soul of their spacecraft are cleverly outwitting the many forces who want them and are weaving themselves into the thoughts of the Prince and the future of the land.

Can Scarlet trust Wolf? Where is Scarlet's grandmother and what is Scarlet embroiling herself in as she journeys to grandmother's house? Will the wicked Queen grasp Prince Kai in her tentacles? Is the kingdom standing on the edge of a dark new version of itself where domination will be the norm?

Scarlet holds on to her strength, her passions, her own wit and wisdom as she searches. No slouch this girl. Clearly, she needs someone who can match her.

Two fabulous females. Two enticing males who aren't just shallow handsome mannikins. Great sequel to Cinder and can't wait to see who Marissa Meyer conjures up for us next. Let the hearts begin to race. A great read. Ages 12 and up 978-0312642969 452 pages

Recommended by: Barb

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