Scab for Treasurer?, Secrets of a Lab Rat, Book Three

Scab for Treasurer?, Secrets of a Lab Rat, Book Three

Scab (Salvatore) McNally, star of two previous adventures in the series “Secrets of a lab rat,” is back for your entertainment! In this misadventure, Scab finds that competition to win the weekly classroom Math Around the World game puts him at odds with Missy Malone. Scab and his buddy Doyle are sure that Missy is an alien who keeps her tentacles tucked into the puffy purple jacket she wears every day in class. Plus, she’s just weird: she wears paper party-favor umbrellas in her hair and has stinky mustard-onion-chili breath that can “peel the paint off your bike.”  Whenever she beats an opponent in the game, she says “Vroom, vroom, sorry” just to dig it in. Scab is really into anything gross: he sticks his number 2 pencils up his nose and snorts out snot, enjoys talking about what can REALLY make you vomit on an airplane, and treats sister Isabelle to frequent visits with a certain garter snake. He even offers timely tips, reflections, rules, and results of his experiments every few pages. When it’s time to elect a new class president, Scab is really cheesed by Missy Malone’s over-the-top campaign strategy. He decides to run against her, but his campaign theme is different from Missy’s: she’s giving out balloons and has slogans like “Vote for MalJne.” She has even published the goals she’ll accomplish if she’s elected president. Scab has a few, um, unique slogans, like “Pick Scab.” When it looks like Missy is going to win, Scab has to pull an outrageous stunt to attract votes. Should I tell you what it is? It has to do with a sign-up sheet and what you are willing to do to beat Missy Malone! Whether you’re already a fan of Scab or new to the series, you’ll be glued to the pages as the competition gets fierce. The wacky illustrations by Jim Paillot add to the fun. If you liked Captain Underpants…

142 pages

ISBN: 978-1416975946

Reviewed by:  Shari Shaw, B.A., M.L.I.S., Michigan, USA

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