Samantha On a Roll

Samantha On a Roll

In this rollicking rhyming story, Samantha has received a new pair of roller skates, and can't wait to try them out. When her busy mother is unable to help, the impatient little girl is undaunted: "But Samantha cannot wait./Straps herself into a skate./Straps herself into the other./Tries them on despite her mother./Sammy stands and rolls a bit./ Says, 'I KNEW these skates would fit./I'll just try them in the hall./Mama wouldn't care at all.'/(Mama, talking to Aunt Joan,/WOULD have cared if she had known.)" Sammy delightedly rolls around the house, then decides to try her skates outside--certain that Mama wouldn't mind each new venture (which, according to the narrator, she definitely would!)

All goes well until Sammy reaches the top of Hawthorn Hill, where she is greeted by "a scene of such tremendous scope...she doesn't notice the long, STEEP slope." Sammy's wild ride down the hill results in her picking up a butterfly net, baseball bat, kite and bridal veil before sailing into the air on a skateboard ramp--and remaining aloft thanks to the kite. As luck would have it, the little girl finds herself back on her own street, and sneaks into the house before her mother notices she is gone. "Mama says, 'Well, there you are!/I knew you wouldn't go too far./What a perfect child you've been--/Want to give those skates a spin?'/Sammy sighs. 'Oh, that's okay. 'I'll try them on another day.'"

Linda Ashman's wacky story is perfect matched by Christine Davenier's bright, expressive illustrations. Body language and facial expressions are spot-on, and readers and listeners will relish the amusing details. The verses are a delight and beg to be read aloud. Even if the tale strains credibility a bit, kids will have so much fun reading and hearing about Sammy's adventure, they certainly won't mind. Any youngster who has ever been impatient to use something new for the first time--and who hasn't?--will empathize with Sammy. And many a mother and child will recognize her busy Mama. Ages 4-7.

Recommended by Barbara Karp, Librarian, New York USA


Samantha cannot wait to try out her new roller skates; however, Mama’s too busy to take her skating at the moment.  Not able to stand it any longer, Samantha puts on the skates and the adventure begins.  Starting with a short trip down the hall, Samantha’s confidence builds until before she knows it she is skating around the neighborhood, and that is where the adventures really begin.  The delightful rhyming text adds to an already fun story that youngsters are sure to love!

40 pages

ISBN: 9780374363994

Reviewed by Angela Cooke Sides, Librarian, Texas, USA

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