Sahwira: An African Friendship

Sahwira:  An African Friendship

At the same moment in time when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is leading peaceful demonstrations in the United States to gain rights for America's African Americans, twelve-year old Evan is living at a Methodist Mission in Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and struggling with some revolutions of his own. His best friend is Blessing, a Rhodesian, boy. The two boys go to separate schools and are surrounded by their own cultures but spend their spare time trying to build a raft and just doing normal boy things like eating. The white culture that Evan lives in is about to form Corps of Cadets for the boys to combat the threat of communism. Blessing's African world is stirring with rebellion and revolution against the whites and it's happening through violence. Evan wants so much to belong to his world and to be accepted. He's often the butt of ridicule. So, when he sees a Communist handbill being printed by an African he knows, he decides to turn him in and be seen as a hero for a change. But all does not go as he expects. What is the right choice? How can he earn the respect he so deeply searches for? This is a great historical fiction novel that sheds light on an area few American books for young people have chosen.

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