Sabriel (Abhorsen Trilogy)


What if you had access to power, but that power was inextricably tied to death? Sabriel knows her father holds an important position as the only Abhorsen in the Old Kingdom, or any Kingdom for that matter. As Abhorsen he must fight the dangerous free magic of necromancers and the greater dead who still wish to hold on to power in the world of the living. Sabriel also knows she is the only heir to the title and responsibility of Abhorsen, though her father has kept her away from the Old Kingdom and its odd magic most of her life. 

However, when her father sends a messenger from the death to let her know a force he cannot win against has risen, she must return to the Old Kingdom and claim her birthright. Along the way she encounters magic and horror, love and pain the likes of which she was never exposed to outside the walls of the Old Kingdom. This story will appeal to boy and girl fantasy readers alike, has elements of The Warriors series, The Lord of the Rings, etc. Though it is not graphic in nature and suitable in content for middle schoolers +, only mature readers will be able to understand the complex world of magic, legend, morality, and belief Nix creates.

978-0064471831   494 pages   Ages 12 and up

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Garth Nix has created a new world, with new natural laws, in his Abhorsen novels and that always makes a book more interesting for me. That is one of Nix's strengths. Sabriel is a three dimensional heroine, with excellent skills, but also with enough uncertainty and inexperience to keep her relate-able. The plot builds well, and it has plenty of bits that kept me breathless. There is even a light romance, but that in no way lessens Sabriel's dominance of the story line. I loved this book and its sequels.
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