Ruthie and the (Not So) Teeny Tiny Lie


Ruthie is a young fox who loves to collect teeny tiny things.  She has teeny tiny dolls and teeny tiny tea sets and even teeny tiny dinosaurs and trains and teddy bears.  Everywhere she goes she finds more teeny tiny things.

One day at recess Ruthie is having a wonderful time swinging on the swings and playing jump rope until she decides to head over to the "twirling bar."  She twirls herself over the bar and when she puts her feet back on the ground she looks down and spies something teeny tiny.

What is it?  When she picks it up, she finds she is holding the most amazing teeny tiny thing she has ever's a teeny tiny camera.  Ruthie starts taking teeny tiny pictures with her new camera.  She's clicking away but when she goes to take a picture of Martin, he isn't smiling.  Turns out Martin got a camera just like that for his birthday and he lost it on the playground.

But, somewhere inside Ruthie is a feeling that is so, so big.  That feeling is that she wants this camera.  She isn't going to give it back to Martin. In fact, she tells Martin and their teacher, Mrs. Olsen, that she got this camera for her birthday.  Mrs. Marten decides to put the camera inside the drawer of her desk and talk about it tomorrow.

What happens when you have a feeling like that deep down inside of you that tells you it's okay to tell a lie to get something you want?

Wonderful story for mirroring the feelings and the mistakes when a teeny lie ...or a big told and how to handle the problem.  What will Ruthie decide to do?

978-1599900100  Ages 3-6  32 pages

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,


Ruthie, a small fox, loves all things little. When she finds a tiny camera at school, she really wants it and claims it for her own. But, it isn't hers and that lie that she has told is going to start to wiggle around inside and really bother her. This is a gentle but effective story about how it feels to tell a lie and what can happen if you do.---from the publisher

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