Runaway Twin

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Runaway Twin

Thirteen-year-old Sunny Skyland has been from foster home to foster home.Her father left the family before she was born and her mother and grandmother were killed in a car accident.Sunny and her twin sister, Starr, were separated the day of the funeral and Sunny has a dream of being reunited with her sister and finally having family to love.So, when she finds a bag of money, she decides it is her ticket to find Starr.Packing a few things in a backpack and dying her hair, she buys a bus ticket and sets off for Eumenclaw, Washington.She didn’t count on bullies on the road, a stray dog or a tornado that wipes out a town.She also didn’t count on havinga twin who has no idea she exists and does not want her around.“Twinkie, twinkie little Starr, “ is the mantra Sunny has sung for years.Now, she, just like Dorothy and Toto, has learned that there is no place like home.

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