The Rule of 3: Fight for Power


It has been sixty-six days since the whole world experienced a global blackout. The neighborhood of Eden Mills has survived so far. They have banded together to create a small community that can exist off of what is available. But the struggle for survival still rages on.

Food is getting scarce and the fall crops are not quite ready. Tensions are rising and small fights are starting to break out. Adam wants to help everyone on the outside because that is the moral thing to do but he knows that realistically that is not possible.

As Adam struggles with his soul and what he knows is right verses what is realistic he becomes more scared and suspicious of Brett. Is he the good guy or the bad guy? Herb’s prediction of worse to come seem to be happening both inside the community and out and danger seems to be lurking everywhere. Who will survive? Who can you trust? The twists and cliffhangers at the ending of this book will leave you wanting the next book now!

346 pages 9780374301798 Ages 13 and up

Recommended by Joleen Waltman Media Generalist, Idaho USA

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