Rotten Richie and the Ultimate Dare

Rotten Richie and the Ultimate Dare

Brothers and sisters don't always get along!  Take Patricia and her rotten red-headed brother Richie.  Richie is the kind of guy who smells horrible and picks his nose and looks at it.  He embarrasses Patricia every chance he gets.

These two are as different as they can be.  Patricia loves ballet and Richie is a die-hard ice-hockey player.  Richie insists ballet is so easy so one day Patricia challenges him to be in her upcoming ballet recital.  This is the guy who loves to plant fake dog poop in the school hallway and pour water on it so it looks even more realisitic.  

Richie accepts the challenge on the condition that.... yes... that Patricia suit up with his team and play a game of hockey.  The dares are made and accepted.

So, what's it like to suddenly be in the middle of a fast and furious hockey game with sticks flying?  And what's it like to pull on the tights and execute a grand jete? 

The bonds of family are going to rise up as they always do in one of Patricia Polacco's warm and inviting picture books.  Look out though...Richie is going airborne and Patricia has the hockey stick.  You don't know what might happen!

32 pages  978-0399245316  Ages 6-9

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