Rope Trick

Rope Trick

A great girl story with a hint of romance and and a large helping of self-reliance! Wonderful adventures as Lidi sheds her father's teachings and steps into her own skin with an unrelenting sense of what might be possible. Lidi's early life has been dark and painful thanks to her father who abuses her with his words. But, now he is gone, dead, and Lidi sets forth on a journey to find Ferramondo, a magician. Ferramondo is the only magician who can perform the "Rope Trick," and Lidi is determined to find him and to discover the secret of this amazing feat. Ages 9-13 192 pages

Lidi is a sleight of hand magician with a very small traveling caravan. She is trying to locate a master magician who can teach her The Rope Trick. It is the hardest trick, involving climbing up a rope to nowhere and then disappearing. Along the way she picks up two fellow travelers: a young girl named Daniella and a young man on the run.

Recommended by Stephanie Lott, Librarian, Texas

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