Elizabeth lives on the East Coast and can't wait to get away from her annoying mother and loser boyfriend (who just broke up with her).  As an only child, she's ready for an adventure!

Lauren lives on the West Coast and can't wait to get away either.  She wants to escape the stress and noise of a houseful of brothers and sisters and find peace and calm.  She's never had a boyfriend, but little does she know romance is blossoming.

Elizabeth and Lauren will be roomies and their email exchange begins.  But as people say, you can't read emotions in text, you can only assume, which is what happens to these two girls.  Miles apart and out of context, they aren't sure if they're the perfect roomies or frenemies.  Their lives are so different, and while each girl peels away the layers, they sometimes find something they don't exactly agree on.
And when they finally arrive on campus...
What a great story about two teens' lives after high school!  They're in that transition period between high school graduation and college move-in day, and Sara Zarr captures those emotions perfectly!  The two voices blend together but are distinctly different not only in life, but in emails, which makes this novel not only endearing, but hitting that unknown so many teens are facing this summer.  

978-0316217491   288 pages  Ages 14 and up

Recommended by:  Naomi Bates, Librarian, Texas USA

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Senior year of high school is a memory.  Freshman year of college is a mystery waiting for the calendar to turn a few more pages.  EB and Lo, one living in San Francisco with her mother, father and three younger siblings and the other living in New Jersey with just her mom for family have just received their letters from Berkeley informing them they will be college roommates beginning this fall.

The two future roomies decide to use the next sixty-five days trading emails to get to know each other before they end up sharing a dorm room.  Turns out building a relationship online can get a little bit complicated.  Turns out this summer wil be bringing all kinds of changes for both girls.

This is a great summer read with enough equal parts introspection and romance.  Growing up brings some amazingly wonderful firsts and some deeply felt lasts.  The strength of high school friendships, the comfort of family routines, the  painful betrayal of parents and the miracle of finding the right guy fill the days for Lo and EB as they slowly come of age and find their way to that amazing first day of the rest of their lives.

978-0316217491   Ages 14 and up  (sex and language)  279 pages

Recommended by:  Barb,

Read alikes:  The Lucy Variations by Sara Zarr; books by Sarah Dessen

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