Robert Frost: Poetry for Young People

Robert Frost:  Poetry for Young People

An introduction to the life of Robert Frost opens this book of poems and tells us the details of how this man made his own way through life with a strict grandfather and his struggle with farming. Gary D. Schmidt, the editor of this collection of twenty-nine of Robert Frost's wonderful poems, leads us on toward celebrating nature and life. The poems explore the woods, streams and farms of New England and man's connection and journey through all. In this collection the poems are grouped by season and the sensitive, gentle, inspiring illustrations create a mood of respect and possibility. Best of all are the editor's notes at the end of each poem, giving us an insight into the meaning Frost intended. For example, after the famous poem, "Birches," Schmidt explains to us that "birches are flexible trees" and their ability to bow down under a weight and then "lift you up again" "suggests a much larger meaning about how we are to live our lives." It's so satisfying to read through the year watching the colors changes and listening to the melody of the words and not feel you're missing something get all the pieces in this very special package. 49 pages Ages 6-10

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