Rhythm of the Rain (The Rhythm of the Rain)


Ohhhh.....well now...now you're talkin'.   This is a magnificent picture book. Absolutely magnificent.

For any family that loves to sit down at bedtime and read a special story, here's your new favorite.  For any educator about to launch a lesson or a unit on the water cycle, on the geography of our planet, on the diversity on our planet...here's your new favorite.

Graham Baker-Smith has reached down and created a story that will delight children...we're talking that special magic.  It will stretch their imaginations, their curiosity, their appreciation for differences and the wonder, the amazing, eternal wonder of the natural world all around us.

Okay. all that said, here's the deal.  Young Isaac is playing by his favorite mountain pool when it starts to rain.  If you looked closely on the the opening pages (actually on the verso... so opposite the title page) you will have noticed the jar of water with one goldfish looking back at you.

Well, as the rain begins to fall, Isaac takes his jar of water and unscrews the lid and pours his little patch of water into the moving stream.  Yes, a little bit of Isaac's world is now about to take an amazing journey.  The journey winds and wanders and brings us to one photo op after another.  Past a windmill and a hot air balloon, farms and hillsides,  and on to glorious rock hillsides dotted with petroglyphs.

As an eagle peers from the cliffside, Isaac's water makes its way to the great ocean.  Isaac, safely wearing his bright orange life vest, can be spotted imagining the journey of his water and wondering, "Where is the water in my jar now?"

Our children need this story.  They need to connect to the natural world around them to remember and learn about how it supports us and holds us.  Our children need this story to stir their imaginations.  Our children need this story to invite them to places in the world they do not know and do not see everyday on their ride to school.

Our children need this story because it will tell them they are part of this amazing world and they are just as wonderful as the beauty and mystery and surprise of this author's great imagination.  What a gift.

40 pages 978-1787410145 Ages 3-8

Keywords: exploration, journey, water cycle, wonder, STEM, science, imagination, new experiences, 3 year old, 4 year old, 5 year old, 6 year old, 7 year old, 8 year old, ocean, diversity, multicultural, geography, Social Studies Curriculum, water, fun, nature

******* Issac plays in his favorite pool on the mountainside. As rain starts to fall, he empties his little jar of water into the pool and races the sparkling streams as they tumble over waterfalls, rush through swollen rivers and burst out into the vast open sea. Where will my little jar of water go now? Issac wonders. ---from the publisher

On the other side of the world, Cassi welcomes the rain to her parched village . . . From tiniest raindrop to deepest ocean, this breathtaking celebration of the water cycle captures the remarkable movement of water across the earth in all its majesty. A stunning new non-fiction picture book from Greenaway medal-winner, Grahame Baker-Smith.--from the publisher

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