Andi is on the verge of being expelled from the elite private school she attends in Brooklyn, NY. It seems that after her brother was hit by a car and killed after she left him to walk to school alone, the whole family has fallen apart. She watches her mother decline mentally and her father get a 25 year-old girlfriend who is now pregnant

. When he finds out that Andi is about to be expelled her father decides to take her to Paris where he is headed to prove that a heart really did belong to the son of Louis the XVI and Marie Antoinette. Andi resists with everything she has but ends up going with him.

While there her father expects her to write the outline for her senior thesis. Andi makes him a deal and if she gets it done by a certain time then she can fly back home. While working on the thesis she comes across a 200 year-old diary from a girl named Alexandrine Paradis who ended up involved with the royal family as the French Revolution unfolded.

Andi gets so drawn into her story that at one time she finds herself time traveling to the French Revolution. This story has a lot of references to music and music lovers will like how it shows the debt that rock music owes to the classics. This story will require an avid reader who is willing to sit down and become part of the French Revolution and the music world.  490 pages  Ages 14 and up  978-0385737647

Recommended by: Joleen Waltman, Librarian, Idaho USA

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