Restoring Harmony

Restoring Harmony

It has been ten years since the Great Collapse of 2031. That was
when the First Factor happened, the government took over petroleum. The
Second Factor was when cattle had an unstoppable virus killing 200,000
humans and millions of cattle had to be slaughtered. It'’s now 2041. Sixteen
year old Molly must now travel alone with her fiddle, Jewels, to Oregon to
try and find her grandparents and convince them to come back home with her
to Canada. Cyberspeak is not very reliable and they don’'t know if her
grandmother died from a stroke or if her grandfather is all alone in their
big house with no food. Molly meets many interesting people throughout her
journey; some she can trust and others she should have known better. What
about the young man on the train? He doesn'’t look much older than Molly but he
seems very mysterious. He never did tell her his name but he sure did help
her out.

A slightly different dystopian story; it'’s not war that makes
life difficult but government greed with oil and fuel. Most people are poor
and stores are very few and far between. With the government having issues
of its own the “Organization (organized crime)” seems to be the one in charge.

Molly'’s a hard worker trying to help her grandfather and the
neighbors next door keep their garden thriving with food. Molly grew up on a
farm and knows everything about growing and canning food to make it last.
She is desperate to get back home but once she arrives in the United States she makes the best of it
while trying to collect enough money for the trip home. Molly is a
believable character and you can'’t help cheering her on her mission. She
seems to be a “typical” 2041 teenager with a bit naive from living on a
farm on a Canadian island. This trip makes her stronger and more grown up
than she realizes. A blend of adventure and romance, Restoring Harmony is a great book even reluctant readers
will enjoy picking up because they won’'t be able to put it down! It is a
wonderful addition to any library. 320 pages

Contributed by Michelle Levy, Librarian

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