Rechenka's Eggs

Rechenka's Eggs

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Philomel 1988
Character-Building Curriculum

A little old woman named Babushka lives alone in a dacha in the countryside of Russia.  She spends her hours and days carefully painting beautiful flowers and stars and color on delicate eggs.  These eggs she takes to Moskva to the Easter Festival where she always wins first prize.

It is winter time and the snow is deep.  Babushka leaves food outside for the wild animals and when they come it is like a miracle to her.  One day after a heavy snow a flock of geese flies over in the sky and one goose comes tumbling down shot by a hunter.

Out of the kindness in her heart Babushka takes the goose, naming it Rechenka, into her home and cares for it.  As Rechenka heals, she becomes more and more lively until one day she flies so excitedly around the house that it breaks all of Babushka's beautifully painted eggs.

Kindness overflows with in this gorgeously illustrated tale that celebrates the value of tradition, friendship, caring, and the richness of the Russian culture.  

32 pages  Ages  5-9    978-0698113855

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