Raymie Nightingale


What would you do if your father left the family for a dental hygienist named Lee Ann Dickerson?  Raymie and her mother are faced with that question.  What her mother is going to do is sit on the couch a lot staring grim-faced into space.  Raymie is cut from different cloth.  She has a plan.

Raymie has decided she is going to enter the Little Miss Central Florida Tire beauty contest, get her picture in the newspaper, and bring her father to his senses.  She can just imagine him sitting at breakfast with Lee Ann, turning the page of his morning paper and seeing Raymie with her tiara.  That's the moment when he is going to realize what he has lost and he will come looking for her and the life he had.  They'll be back to normal in no time.

Now all Raymie needs is a talent.  She's been advised to seek out the local champion baton twirler to get her act together.  Turns out she's not alone.  Louisiana Elefante and Beverly Tapinski have big plans, too. All three girls show up to get their batons whirling.

Laugh out loud moments plus a collection of utterly memorable characters make an imprint on your heart.

What does it take to win in life?  Is it what's inside you or what is around you that matters most?

Heart warming, charming, lovable characters you don't ever want to lose.

Ages 9 and up   270 pages  978-0763681173

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com

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