Quantum Prophecy: The Awakening

Quantum Prophecy:  The Awakening

Looking for something for those Alex Rider readers who have finished the entire series? Welcome to the Quantum Prophecy. As we open, a group of superheroes is gathering to combat a threatening monster of a device called Ragnorok's battle-tank. Energy, Diamond, Paragon, Titan, Josh Dalton, Max Dalton and Quantum are finally up against an opponent they cannot overcome. One by one they are dying...or are they? "When the boy comes...believe him," are Quantum's final words.

Meet Colin Wagner, ordinary boy, who is about to discover that his friend, Danny, is a superhero, his parents are superheroes and he himself has some superpowers. When Danny revealed his ability to move faster than the human eye can see when Colin's sister, Susie, was about to be run down in the road by a truck, he had to confess his power to Colin. But, the story has always been that all the superhumans had disappeared on the day they took on their enemies. The anniversary of that day, Mystery Day, is about to come around again. Then, as Colin and his parents drive over to visit Danny, Colin finds he has superhuman hearing and he's going to need it as the world begins to unravel. Suddenly, Danny's father is not his father... he's the enemy, Facade, who has been masquerading as Danny's father for all these years. One by one, superhumans begin to appear. Who can you trust? Who is trying to get control of Danny and Colin? It's one cliffhanger after another as the superhumans are about to face a mysterious enemy who is on the attack. Ages 9-13 264 pages

Series continues:  THE GATHERING; gets an older audience in THE RECKONING;  (QUANTUM PROPHECY SERIES)

His second series:  SUPER HUMAN, ASCENSiON, STRONGER for ages 12 and up.  This series leads to the QUANTUM PROPHECY SERIES

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