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Harper Collins (Katherine Tegen Books) November 2013
Science Curriculum

"Without her we haven't got a chance."

Welcome to the year 2051 and the world of Tablets and schools that were built for 2,000 students but now hold 133 if they're lucky. Global warming has taken its toll and people are leaving the outer world in droves to move to the Eastern or the Western State. Sixteen year old Faith Daniels is headed to her first day of school along with her best friend, Liz Brinn. Old Park Hill high school has a principal, a janitor, and two teachers whose job it is to "contain drug use, stop fights and keep the lights on." The real teaching is done by super teachers who have multi-million dollar contracts and a thousand aides to support them. They don't ever show up at Old Park Hill.

Faith has the usual dreams. A great pair of jeans and a really cute guy who is taller than her five foot eleven inches are at the top of her wish list. She's about to get both. Be careful what you wish for.

California has gone into the sea and New Orleans is only a memory. Africa and China have created States... islands of human habitation filled with towering skyscrapers...leaving most of their landmass deserted. The U.S. has dissolved into the Eastern State and the Western State leaving most of its landmass vacant. The empty land is the only hope for humanity to survive in the times of global warming. 

Family after family is choosing to leave the empty lands to join those already living in the Eastern and Western states. This is a world where the Tablet is king. . Need some entertainment? Tablet? Shopping for jeans? Tablet. Want to connect with a friend? Tablet. Going to school? Tablet. There is very little parental connection, the malls are deserted and most families have given up and gone to the States where huge skyscrapers connected by a web of white tubes reign supreme. 

Does everyone believe that the world needs to be contained in these small spaces to eliminate the factors that are creating climate change? Does everyone believe that the States are the answer? 

The opposing forces are about to burst onto the scene at The Field Games. Always the competitors from the two States are heralded as champions. But this year two unknowns from the Outside will be challenging the status quo, Wade and Clara Quinn. 

As the unsuspected powers shift themselves into position, Faith Daniels is being challenged with some powers she holds within. What does she mean to this world? Will she find enough in herself to stand strong? Will the power of a first Pulse be enough or will it take a second Pulse to really make a difference in the decisive battle poised to explode.

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