Princess Tales: The Fairy's Mistake

Princess Tales:  The Fairy's Mistake

The author has taken some wonderful fairytales and re-written them with touches of humor and strong female characters. Charles Perrault's tale, "Toads and Diamonds" is the basis for this story. A fairy, Ethelinda, has given the lovely Rosella the gift of having glistening jewels drop from her lips as she speaks. Her life could be filled with riches but for her husband a greedy prince who only wants more. Rosella's sister, Myrtle, has a fairy's gift as well, but she drops toads and snakes as she speaks rather than the gems of her sister. But Myrtle is not to be deterred. She has found a way to use her gift to threaten people into giving her exactly what she wants. So, who is getting the short end of the stick here with the fairy's gifts? Perhaps it's all in how you look at what you're given! It's a small, purple book that reads quickly. Its sister books, all based on fairytales, are yellow, pink, blue and green - you get the idea. Good girl books! Also in the series, are Princess Sonora and the Long Sleep, Cinderellis and the Glass Hill, The Fairy's Return, and For Biddle's Sake.

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