Poles Apart

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Ah, the magical moment when a mistake turns into a great adventure.  The Pilchard-Brown family is about to be given that magical moment.  A family of five penguins, Mom, Dad, Peeky, Poots and Pog, all headed to a picnic at the South Pole, are about to discover their lack of a left turn has brought them to the North Pole instead.

Now, everyone knows penguins belong in the south.  Happily they decide to follow their dreams, follow their Dad and for now, to follow Mr. White, a large polar bear who knows his way.  In fact, Mr. White is thrilled to have the chance to make the journey and tells the family,  "Don't think of it as a mistake. Think of it as the start of a big adventure. Maybe I could help you find your way home. I have often dreamed of being the first polar bear to reach the South Pole."

His way turns out to be a journey to remember involving shark fins, the color gray and a python.  They will see the wonders of North America, Europe and Australia.  Talk about your world tour.

A wacky tale filled with unexpected surprises, geography, the joy of making new friends and the utter bliss of home, sweet home.

32 pages           978-0763689445            Ages 3-6

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com


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