Platypus Police Squad: The Frog Who Croaked

Platypus Police Squad:  The Frog Who Croaked

Push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks and tail flexes all knocked out, Detective Rick Zengo is ready for action.  It's his first day to wear the badge and he's excited to head down to the station to begin a certainly auspicious career in crime fighting.

His mother is worried he might be late to Platypus Police Squad headquarters but what does that matter when you're talking about the grandson of the late great crime fighter Lieutenant Dailey, man among men... or platypus among platypi?

But the Kalamazoo City that granddad knew has changed.  Now Frank Pandini is in town running the show.  Is he a good guy or a not so good guy?  Now there's a case that needs solving.  

Luckily we have Detective Zengo on the case and as soon as he finishes cleaning up that hot chocolate he just spilled this hot rookie will start busting some chops and cleaning up the streets.

And it appears those streets need some  cleaning up... well, at least the fish problem needs some cleaning up and where is that missing teacher?

This dynamic platypus and his seasoned partner are headed for action.  This pair of the city's finest will chase down those tire tracks, the professor's jacket and get to the bottom of that illegal fish barrel like the true professionals they are... maybe after a doughnut or two... a brownie?  

Fun, funny, willing to hide behind a trash can or two to get the job done this is a great book 'em Danno kind of adventure.  Clearly the platypus group is highly underrated and overlooked as major league crime fighting material.  Hopefully this series will firmly establish them in their rightful place. 

229 pages  Ages 8-10  978 0062071644

Recommended by: Barb

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