Piece By Piece


Once upon a time there was a weaver.  She loved to spend her days gathering memories and then spending her nights turning those memories first into thread and eventually into exquisite cloth.  In the morning her three children would gather with her to hear what the cloth contained.

It could hold "the sweetness of a puppy," "the squish of mud in your toes," or some "dragon scales."

Out of the cloth she created a magnificent dress and the next day she took it to the shopkeeper.  If he bought his beautiful garment, she would have money to buy her children shoes and fruits.  Would the shopkeeper see and celebrate the beauty and priceless value of the cloth and its dress?

Sometimes it takes the eyes and heart of another generation to see the beauty being passed generously and hopefully to them through the wonder of stories and quilts that hold our dreams in the warp and weft of their shimmering cloth.

This story invites children to appreciate language and word choice and to share differing ideas as they learn to listen and honor the wonder of diversity and the wonder of the dreams they hold within.

The Author's Note offers Educators four CCSS standards that are addressed by this story.

32 pages           978-1585369997   Ages 6-9

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com


Drawing inspiration from the natural world around her, a weaver woman with a magical touch crafts exquisite fabrics. And from the fabric she fashions a wondrous dress, with a bodice that sparkles of starlight and lace like the foam of an ocean wave. The weaver envisions the food and clothing she will be able to buy for her children from the sale of the dress. But when she takes the dress to a local shopkeeper, the weaver is told her work is not saleable. And so she starts over again. Harkening back to the magic and lessons learned from classic fairy tales, this imaginative tale reminds readers of all ages of the importance of pursuing one's dreams and following one's heart.--from the publisher

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