The world war ended eleven years ago and now there are 36,000 human beings left on the planet and none of them is a child. Babies die within minutes of being born. The enemy faction known as The Partials who destroyed the world is threatening the existence of the human race using a plague caused by the RM virus. A rebel element, the Voice, has sprung up within the remaining human beings and they are violently protesting the decisions of the governing authorities.

This is the world that seventeen year old Kira is facing. She is a young medic in love with a great guy named Marcus. The government has put into effect a law called the Hope Act which requires that all females age 18 must become pregnant with the hope this infusion of babies may help save the human race. Is Kira ready to carry a child?

As a medic in the hospital Kira watches baby after baby die within hours or days of birth as the RM virus moves into the bloodstream relentlessly. Now Kira's best friend is pregnant. How can Kira watch her best friend suffer the agony she has seen new mother's go through time after time beating on the glass window that separates them from their newborn and knowing there is nothing they can do to save this new life.

Kira is a self-reliant, courageous, creative problem-solving character armed with a determination to change the world and at least, stop the RM virus. This is an action-packed, dystopian adventure. Built with a lurking sense of mistrust and chaos, the story centers around Long Island and Manhattan as they might be.... houses available for the taking due to their lack of occupants. Go find the house you want and move in. There isn't anyone to buy it from. All the material things you might want are yours. No money required.

Lots of violence, espionage, dialogue. Great for kids who read to experience an adventure. the romance will disappoint..not much tension and barely any sexual tension. Chiseled bodies are acknowledged but nothing more.

Rebels, soldiers, power-seekers, idealists roiling around in a world gone awry with a glimpse of hope and struggles for dignity and the future to be battled through with trust hanging in the balance and the human race fading from memory. 468 pages Ages 14 and up for violence and language 978-0062071040

Recommended by:  Barb

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