FunJungle Book 4 Pandamonium (Panda-monium)


When the refrigerated truck delivering the new panda to the zoo where Teddy lives arrives empty, the authorities don't know what to do. Not only is the much anticipated panda missing, but the vet sent to take care of it has been kidnapped as well. The driver of the rig, as well as Marge, who was sent for security, heard nothing of the apparent explosion that left burn marks on the door.

This is a huge catastrophe for the zoo, since all pandas really belong to China, and the zoo was responsible for the panda's well being. It's also a public relation nightmare, since many panda fans have shown up at the zoo. Teddy, along with Summer McCracken, the daughter of the zoo's owner, know that something is up. Even with federal authorities chiming in (including Marge's much more polished sister), no one can figure out what has happened to Li-Ping until Teddy puts together all of his observations and is able to locate the missing animal.

Strengths: This had a couple of good twists, continued fun with Summer, and some interesting interactions with the dolphins that added a secondary mystery.

Weaknesses: This had one similarity to Poached--Li-Ping needs special bamboo in the same way the koala needed eucalyptus, and this was the main clue that helped Teddy figure out who had the panda. You'd think the adults would know to use this clue.

What I really think: These are always enjoyable, and the covers are very appealing. A great series that is very popular with my mystery and humor fans!

350 pages 978-1481445672 Ages 8-12

Recommended by: Karen Yingling, Librarian, Ohio USA

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******** Teddy Fitzroy returns as FunJungle’s resident sleuth when the zoo’s newest addition goes missing—before she even arrives!—in Panda-monium, the latest novel in Stuart Gibbs’s FunJungle series.

FunJungle is frenzied, awaiting the arrival of its most thrilling animal yet—Li Ping—a rare and very expensive giant panda that the zoo went to enormous lengths to secure. But when the truck transporting Li Ping shows up, its precious cargo has vanished into thin air. The FBI steps in to investigate, and Teddy is happy to leave the job in their (supposedly) capable hands. After all, FunJungle has never encountered a crime this serious. But when someone threatens to blackmail Teddy’s girlfriend, Summer, if he doesn’t solve the crime, his involvement in this mystery is no longer black and white. --From the publisher

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