Not a Box


2007 Geisel Honor Award Winner

A bunny meets a plain old empty cardboard box and suddenly the world comes alive with possibilities and excitement.  Everyone has seen what happens when a child discovers a cardboard box..the bigger the better.  The imagination's starter button gets ignited and suddenly the child is transported to another world where the box has become something powerful and filled with action and adventure.

This little bunny's imagination instantly turns the box into a race car with the bunny as the intrepid race car driver.   The fun continues as the box becomes a mountain reaching its summit into the clouds.  As this little bunny hops from being Indiana Jones to handling the turns at the Indianapolis Speedway, a voice barks at him from beyond his special world.  "Why are you sitting in a box?"  "What are you doing on top of that box?"

The delight of the bunny prevails and the voice never really seems to interrupt the kaleidoscope of totally satisfying adventures the box and the imagination of the bunny are co-producing.

This one will thrill and satisfy every imagination-driven bunny you know!

32 pages     978-0061123221     Ages 3-6

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,




Don't miss this wholly original celebration of the power of imagination, winner of a Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor Award

A box is just a box...unless it's not a box. From mountain to rocket ship, a small rabbit shows that a box will go as far as the imagination allows.

Inspired by a memory of sitting in a box on her driveway with her sister, Antoinette Portis captures the thrill when pretend feels so real that it actually becomes real—when the imagination takes over inside a cardboard box, and through play, a child is transported to a world where anything is possible.

The simple text makes the book appropriate for toddlers, but the message and retro feel of the book also lead to it being an original and compelling gift to mark an occasion such as a graduation.


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