Nobodys Princess

Nobodys Princess

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Random House 2007

Everyone has heard of Helen whose beautiful face "launched a thousand ships." Well, imagine her as a young girl and then join her on her adventurous journey. The sequel is NOBODY'S PRIZE.


Nobody’s Princess is a story of Helen of Troy in her younger years as she was growing up in Sparta. She has always been spoiled and pampered and then one day at a young age she learns that she will be the next Queen of Sparta. That her twin sister will marry and move away and that her two brothers will become princes. 

The Helen in this novel is anything but a queen in training. She disdains all the feminine work and learning that is thrust upon her. She is a tomboy who wants to be out learning how to fight like her brothers. She learns how to ride a horse, how to fight with a sword and archery, becoming skilled enough to rival her brothers. 

After much pleading she is allowed to travel with her brothers to her sister’s wedding; a trek that leads to many adventures and exciting moments. Not all off of them good. 

This is a Helen who fights against the traditional role of girls growing up in Sparta. She can be bratty at times, but being raised the way she was you really can’t expect different. Even with all of the resistance that Helen displays against what is thrust upon her you can see her grow and mature, slowly beginning the acceptance of what her life will become. But first she has to live the way she wants. 

Recommended by:  Joleen Waltman, Librarian, Idaho USA

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