She's going to be Number Twelve.  Nix walks coldly away from his eleventh kill and receives his orders for the next victim only this time as he sets her in his sites, for the first time in his life, he knows she sees him.  This shouldn't happen.  It never happens.  It can't happen.  Nix is a Nobody and nobody can see a Nobody.  He is trained to be shadow and air and to fade into nothingness.

No one notices Claire either.  Her parents have left her behind so many times they have a note with her name on it at home to remind them to go back and find her.  The kids in her class don't see her either.  At the pool she asks for a towel and the assistant never hears.  Then, the moment comes when she looks up and sees the boy with the blue eyes and realizes he is about to kill her.

Why?  Why does he want to kill her wonders Claire?  How?  How can she see me asks Nix? Two souls no one ever sees have finally crossed the path of someone who magically and amazingly can see them.  The miracle has actually arrived.  

The Society has always had control of Nix.  They trained him to kill the Nulls before the Nulls do something truly evil to a Normal.  That was the story anyway.  Now, Nix isn't so sure.  Exactly what is the truth behind the eleven assignments he carried out before Claire saw him, touched him, showed him his true self and fell in love?

Sigh.  Written by a psychologist the story reaches in and connects to all the times each of us feels invisible and as though no one will ever be able to see, appreciate, fall in love with and show us who we truly are.  Great cliffhangers as the chapters end.  Action and emotion tautly woven.  And how many kids out there feel as though they are waiting for this to happen to them? 

393 pages   Ages 13 and up    978-1606843215

Recommended by:  Barb

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