No Passengers Beyond This Point

No Passengers Beyond This Point

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Dial, February 2011

Mom has lost the house. It's going to go up for sale and the family is going to have to move. This means change...big change and there's even more change in store because Mom is not coming along with the kids as she sends them away to live with Uncle Red. Maddie, Finn and Mouse are stunned and they can't believe they're being asked to get on a plane and leave behind their dog and their friends and the world as they know it. Their mother isn't even coming along? The kids board the plane, Mouse getting on India's nerves as always and Finn trying to take care of everyone and figure everything out. Headed to Denver, Colorado, the plane runs into turbulence which adds even more angst and then finally, the plane is landing and there is a driver there waiting with a sign saying "Tompkins." That's them, they are the Tompkins so off they go and find themselves opening the doors to a pink car with feathers. Denver isn't anything like where they came from. As they drive along, there are signs welcoming them. Uncle Red has clearly gone all out. But, before they find their uncle, they each find a special place that is just perfect for them and one by one, each child has to decide if he or she is going to be willing to leave that special place. With a distinct ear for the feelings and sensitivities of young people of all ages, the story leads us into a place of mystery and adventure, invisible friends and decisions. Expect the unexpected and enjoy the ride. Ages 9-12 240 pages

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