Nickel Bay Nick

Nickel Bay Nick

What if you had a chance to be a superhero?

Eleven year old Sam has a rap sheet a mile long.  His mother left the family about seven years ago with dreams of becoming a rock star and his father is struggling to keep his bakery open to support the family.  Things aren't great for Sam and he adds to his problems by mouthing off to his dad, refusing to speak to his mom on the phone and hanging out with two juvenile delinquents named Jaxon and Ivy who live to steal.

But one night Sam's world turns upside down.  He gets caught by a neighbor, Mr. Wells, after damaging the man's roof, destroying his gutter, ripping off some graceful evergreen branches and crushing some decorative holiday boxes as he takes an enormous fall.  Mr. Wells demands restitution and that's when Sam gets handed another chance.

Now, Sam is in training to slip in and out of the stores he used to frequent as a thief only this time he isn't there to steal.  Fans of Captain Nobody will thrill to the job Sam has before him.  When everyone thinks you are nothing, is there really anything left inside?  If no one trusts you, can someone catch a glimpse of the goodness that hides beneath the pain?  

Mixing splashes of attitude along with the wonder of an average kid becoming a superhero, this story keeps you turning the pages with the fun of listening to Sam's thoughts and the hope that maybe, just maybe this kid who feels a bit familiar will have a chance to rediscover himself.  

Ages 8-12    251 pages   9780399254659

Recommended by:  Barb

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