National Geographic Kids Quiz Whiz 2


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National Geographic Children's Books 2013

What could be more fun than 1,000 mind-bending totally awesome trivia questions that you can use on your friends and family?  Here's your chance to find out just how much you know about animals, history, nature and more.
For example let's try Going Ape.  a.  True or False  Gorillas use sticks to measure the depth of water?b.  About how many mountain gorillas are left on earth?c.  True or False?  Gorillas have as many teeth as humans.

Do you know the answers?  If not, you can check the answers before you turn around and test your friends to see how much they know.  

Hours of fun and entertainment lurk here.  Perfect for long car trips, waiting in restaurants, plane trips, doctor's waiting rooms and more.

176 pages   978-1426313561   Ages  7-11

Recommended by:  Barb,

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