Mysterious Benedict Society

Mysterious Benedict Society

Reynie Muldoon is an orphan - a gifted orphan - and he has decided to see what special opportunities are possible through the ad he's seen in the newspaper. He and many other children show up to take the tests. These are very unusual tests, and they produce unusual results. Then comes the true test! Can this band of uniquely talented children really go up against and outwit a dark force that seems bent on a quest that may prove the undoing of civilization, as we know it? Welcome to LIVE: the Learning Institute for the Very Enlightened! Readers join in the business of unraveling the puzzles and getting to the heart of the threat. Ages 10-14

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(Updated: May 13, 2013)
Don't let the length of this book deter you--it will grab you in the first chapter and keep you hooked until the end! Four children become the heroes of this exciting story by using their unique personalities, gifts, and talents in various ways, learning to work together despite their quirks. My 9 year old girl loved it, and it kept me on the edge of my seat as well! Recommended for both boys and girls, as well as adults!
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